Using this unique Keyboard Macro feature you can define exactly the hot keys you want to activate, by combining multiple key sequences in an easy to use step by step wizard interface.
The main categories of macros are:
-Screen saver macros
-Hot keys
-Quit and Quit to log off
-Shortcuts for files, folders and tools
-Alternate window to the ones you already have open
-Shortcuts for opening a specific file, folder or tool
-Time settings, ie: open a specific file, folder or tool in a specific time
-… and much more!
You also can define custom keys, ie: you can define any key combination you want, even if you don’t have a keyboard with those keys.
In addition to the basic functions you can easily and quickly create new macros, remove or edit the existing ones.
To sum up:
– Keyboard macros
– Screen saver macros
– Quitting from the app
– Shortcuts for files, folders and tools
– Shortcuts for opening a specific file, folder or tool
– Time settings, ie: open a specific file, folder or tool in a specific time
– Manage the existing macros
– Create and edit new macros
– Change shortcuts, etc…
Also you can:
– Set a delay between two macros
– Remap a key
– Remap and set keyboard shortcuts
– Change the visual effects
– Manage all the settings
-… and much more!
Each time you create or edit a macro, you’ll be shown a window where you can write a description for your macro.
Try to use the advanced features as a friend, so you can easily manage the setting, add or edit macros.
You can always go back to the original default setting by pressing a button on the main window.
On the main window you can see all your macros, the current state of them, the descriptions they have and the keys you can assign to them.
Also you can assign hot keys, windows or visual effects to any of the macros you created.
If you have any question about the program, simply write a comment and I’ll do my best to respond in a friendly and helpful way.
Enjoy this cool utility!
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Keymacro is an AudioMiner plugin that allows you to control 4 instruments (Astro, AUAI, PS-5 and NS-5) using virtual keyboard.
The plugin has also a built in mixer. You can choose between 4 different mixes (bass, mid, treble and mic) and mix them with LFO/envelope.
You can also control the oscillators on the instruments with the MIDI CC channel using the control surface.
KEYMACRO: (see more info here)
KEYMACRO Features:
●Multi-step LFO with add and assign LFO modules for any MIDI CC channel.
●You can choose one of 8 pre-made LFO shapes for any MIDI CC channel.
●The LFO can be used on notes of any MIDI channel.
●Mix all 4 instruments with the same MIDI CC channel at once.
●You can use midi CC 61 as one of the LFO MIDI CCs.
●You can control the oscillators of 4 instruments by using MIDI CC 61.
●You can use any of the 4 instruments as an active track (out of the 4 pre-made MIDI CCs).
●The plugin can be used as a four track MIDI exporter, you can choose the active track and export that track as midi file.
●You can create your own LFO shape with the 12 buttons of the modwheel
●You can assign LFO to any MIDI CC using the mouse click on the grayed LFO buttons
●You can export your LFO shape by using the 1,2,3,4 buttons of the modwheel
●You can control the oscillators of the instruments with the mouse click on the arrows of the control surface
●You can use a MIDI CC for instance 61 to control the oscillators of the instruments
●You can control the four track MIDI output with the mouse click on the grayed buttons of the plugin.
●You can save the default settings of the plugin as MIDI files.
Download the plugin here:

Note that this plugin is for Voodoo3D (version 3.0 or higher) ONLY!

MultiVST is a free multi-platform plugin with a live “weighted” recording facility, designed to allow musicians to record sounds from any source, quickly and easily. MultiVST is the live counterpart to