Hello! Thank you for expressing interest in opening a school chapter of 2SERVE! Not only does opening a chapter give you excellent LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE, but it also helps expand the 2SERVE volunteer and organization network. Aforementioned, creating a school chapter helps get the community involved in volunteering, and provided students within your area with a range of VOLUNTEERING options closest to you!a

A school chapter can be opened up as a school club, where students are free to join to be provided with volunteering opportunities within their area, and a service to help match them to volunteer organizations better suited to their passions and interests.

With a school chapter, you are responsible for assigning leadership roles and holding your team accountable for achieving their tasks, including reaching out to organizations and recruiting them to join 2SERVE. SOME positions may include:

  • President

  • Vice President

  • Secretary


  1. Contact multiple organization within your area that are NOT a part of the 2SERVE database

    • Organizations a part of the 2SERVE database can be found in the organizations list ​​

  2. Recruit AT LEAST 5 organizations looking for volunteers to join 2SERVE

    • Tell them the benefits of joining ​

    • Use the supplemental PPT provided

      • PPT and club bylaws will be provided after student reaches out to 2SERVE directors ​(via email) to request further information about opening a school chapter

  3. Have a check in meeting with the 2SERVE directors every month to evaluate the progress if each chapter

  4. DO NOT pester organizations if they have said NO