Transmit makes sending files online fast and easy from any of your browsers, computers or mobile devices without having to go through cumbersome and time-consuming file transfer tools. It has a simple and friendly interface along with a useful ‘Instant Upload’ feature to send files instantly in just a few seconds with various OS assistance.
Transmit allows you to:
Connect to fast, reliable servers provided by major Internet providers as well as Internet service providers of smaller scale.
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 Allocating IP addresses in the form of ranges permits an organization to use addresses within a particular IP packet instead of re-using the same IP address for multiple hosts. This advantage comes at a cost; as you expand IP subnets with new hosts, you must dynamically manage IP allocations to the subnet. IP addresses in the form of subnets achieve great scalability and reachability, but also greater administration expenses.  
CIDR still dominates today because of its provisioning