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JRollon, 01 May 2017. The product not yet in X-Plane. Product not yet in X-Plane.NEW YORK CITY — It’s an unfortunate reality of life in 2017 that people are witnessing violent deaths on a weekly basis. You would think that with the advent of social media and the 24-hour news cycle that, as the prevalence of these tragedies comes to light, this trend would be slowing down. But not only has that not happened, the rate of violence continues to climb.

“Violence has been an extremely prevalent issue for a long time, unfortunately. We want to change that and we want to change that through my organization,” said Dr. Jamal Bryant, founder and CEO of DEDI, which stands for Defender of Edo Initiative. “We want to give people hope. We want to heal. We want to get them back to living in community and getting to know each other.”

In 2015, there were more than 28,000 homicides across the United States and these numbers are expected to rise in 2017.

After each of these cases, the public wonders why this has happened to them and why it has happened to them in the first place.

“After each of these cases, the public wonders why this has happened to them and why it has happened to them in the first place,” Bryant told PIX11 News.

DEDI’s “Hope, Healing, Gether” initiative focuses on bringing these two communities together through educational and recreational activities.

“For a number of years, I’ve been able to keep this issue, this topic, this platform alive through school projects,” explained Bryant. “And through advocacy efforts and through an arts initiative that I’ve come up with. In 2017, we want to go bigger than that. We want to bring people together to heal.

On the weekend of July 28, this initiative takes center stage. DEDI opens its doors, when hundreds of people from the Bronx and Manhattan gather at the James M. McGowan Center in the Bronx to live music, heal and start anew.

“The hope healing gether is for the people in the neighborhood and the people who’ve been connected with the neighborhood,” said Bryant.

He said that when he looks around at the situation he has seen in the past few years, it can be described as “a lack of hope for the community


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Gibson M-J200-B guitars are high quality, handcrafted Les Paul guitars custom built by the Gibson Guitar Company. They were first introduced in 1992 and were their first solid-body electric guitars to feature a neck similar in size to a Gibson acoustic guitar and they also had a maple (maple wood) body, which other electric guitars often have. .
Sep 8, 2015
Target A320 CRJ-200 is FSX/P3D compatible version is currently working with FSX,P3D FS2004 also supports P3D version and target A320 A321 A320X A321X A330 A320X A321X A330X A320X A321X A330X.
Jul 14, 2016
Professional CRJ-200 simulator and aircraft add-on available for Steam.
TACAMO CRJ-200 Accident Investigation
Two World 5th Annual Battle of the Brands in NYC this coming weekend.
Oct 15, 2015
I removed the cardboard frame, and the ribs too and it is now a glue-less set and as you can see, it will house 2 nice DX3D PRO aircraft, a CRJ-200 sim and a B767. The VFR section is very simple but for those looking to fly Los Angeles, Baltimore, Calgary or San Francisco it is detailed and realistic as it is never built. Completion date estimated as mid- to late June. 1.5 GB of building time. ZIP.
May 9, 2019
Currently working on the B787-8 as a freeware. the aircraft and scenery is free and able to be unpacked, but the vehicle textures are a paid add-on. The scenery is a combination of road, ATC and flight signs.
2 hours ago
full aircraft with dual-engine can be seen in cockpit or you can fly a CRJ-200 anywhere you want to fly. .
2 years ago
A new thread for you all to share the latest updates and forum comments for your free CRJ-200 $X Plane.