SMPlayer is a basic media player for the Windows platform. It is designed to be lightweight and small in size, as well as easy to use. It supports almost all the popular media formats, including AVI, MPG, OGM, FLAC, ASF and VOB.
SMPlayer can be used as a standalone player or as a front-end for a complete multimedia system. It includes a full range of media player and subtitle playback features, as well as DVD navigation tools, audio CD playback, DVD menu and ISO image creation support.
SMPlayer has been translated into many languages.
SMPlayer includes some of the following features:

A customisable and user-friendly interface with all controls on a single window.

Full-screen and windowed mode support.

Playback of most of the popular audio and video formats, including AVI, FLV, MPG, OGM, RM, WMV, M2V, MOD, ASF, VOB and ASX.

Support for all kinds of subtitles, including DVD subtitles, as well as separate language and path display options.

Support for almost all audio formats, including FLAC, WMA, WAV, OGG and AAC.

Support for most video formats, including AVI, FLV, MP4, MOD, MKV, MOV, MPG, MPEG, WMV, ASF, ASX, M2V and RM.

Convert/concatenate between all the above mentioned formats, including as well as video to audio and audio to video.

Create video files from scratch using the timeline interface.

Create and edit ISO images of DVD/CDs.

Play DVD’s and CD’s.

Load media from URL.

Full support for using DVD menus.

Deinterlace video.

Configure the “double buffer” display mode and any other preferences you desire.

Create or open archives.

Support for all subtitles formats, including TEI.

Convert audio files to other formats.

Filter video and audio files.

Customise the interface and style, including icon set, font, and even theme.

Import/export the favorites list, as well as other features.

SMPlayer Features:

No installation is necessary to use this software.

Easy to use.

Very portable.

No DVD regions codes are required.

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The theme is very simple, clean and easy to install. By using the simple installation procedure you can easily apply the theme to your desktop, without having to edit or manipulate your registry. The following installation process will not ask you for any authorization to do so.
The app comes with the free availability of the Windows Desktop Background. The picture is about 1024 x 768 pixels in resolution and has some nice graphics.
It is possible to drag and drop the desktop picture to the desktop wallpaper slot to place it there. You can use it either as a wallpaper or use it as an icon. You can even use it as the wallpaper for your Start Menu and Taskbar.
You can also drag and drop the mouse pointer to change it to a picture of a cat. The same is possible with the system tray icons, using your favorite pictures.
The design allows for the full customization of all desktop icons and all the interface elements.
Some design aspects have been implemented in a simple way. However, there are some areas that are missing, such as Windows buttons.
The Application icon is a green triangle with a small Egypt building on top of it. The app comes with a Start Menu icon as well, a Toolbar icon and some extra icons.
The interface consists of a taskbar and a Start Menu area.
The app is very stable and has been optimized for Windows 7. You will not have any problems while using it.
The app has a simple and very easy to use interface that does not require any training.
One of the best features of the app is the way it automatically changes your desktop icon to a picture of a cat.
In case you want to change the background, you will just need to drag the picture you want to use and drop it to the desktop wallpaper area.
You can also use the app to apply other custom-made backgrounds to your desktop and, of course, to customize the icons and interface elements.
The other way to apply it is to start from the Windows Desktop Background area. The app will make several changes to your desktop and it will ask you to continue.
These changes include the following:
You will be asked to move or remove the desktop picture to a folder, to change it to “Center”, “Tile”, “Stretch”, “Fill”, “Fit”, “Shuffle” or “Remove”. You can also use the custom-made background that you have chosen