With the new Spark App publishing platform, developers can now create fully fledged mobile apps for Apple and Google platforms in less than 10 minutes.
Developers can now get up to a 99% code-sharing ratio for a single device from different brands, hence helping them design and build apps that are suitable for multiple devices.
“As we continue to expand our Spark App services to help brands like Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, American Express, and Google among others to create apps, I am delighted to announce the news that we’ve started rolling out our beta, and hope that you will all enjoy using the service to build your first app.”

Things You’ll Need

Step 1: Build Your Hello World App

Start by creating a new Spark project in GitHub. Make sure the “Your app will be published on App Store and Play Store.” checkbox is selected in the project dashboard.

Step 2: Deploy Your Spark App to iOS and Android

Once your project is ready, you will be asked to choose the device for which you want to create the app. Once the device is selected, your app will be built, packaged, and will be ready for deployment.

Step 3: Configure Your App’s Build and Testing Settings

If you are building for a mobile device, you will be required to configure your app’s build settings. On the other hand, if you are building a desktop app, you need to configure your app’s testing settings.

Step 4: Configure Your App’s Code Sharing

It is now time to configure the code sharing settings for your app. These settings are essential for building, testing and debugging your app for mobile and desktop.

To configure the code sharing settings for a desktop app, select the “Desktop” tab from the settings. Then, select the “Device: Pixel” from the left-hand column. Now, select the “App name” from the dropdown list that appears next to the “Pixel” entry.

To configure the code sharing settings for a mobile app, select the “iOS” tab from the settings. Then, select the “Device: iPhone” from the left-hand column. Now, select the “App name” from the dropdown list that appears next to the “iPhone” entry.

Step 5: Configure Your App’s Testing Settings

It is time to configure the testing settings for your app. These settings are essential for creating, testing, and 0cd6e936a3


Y! Multi Messenger is a simple utility that allows users to run multiple instances of Yahoo! Messenger (YM) on a single computer. The tool is extremely lightweight and easy to use, and it only requires a single click to turn on or off its functionality. No configuration is required on your side.
Y! Multi Messenger supports all YM version from 8 and above. It works with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

Note: I know this is an old thread and no one’s talked in a while, but for those of you who had it installed and want to reinstall, the program is uninstalled completely from your computer and you can download it once again here:

Tiny tool that allows you to chat with several yahoo users at the same time!
The program has just a simple interface and no configuration is required to make it work, because it is very light and simple to use.
Here are the features that makes it unique
[b]Multi-instances:[/b] You can activate/deactivate more than one yahoo messenger instance running at the same time.
[b]Password Protection:[/b] With this feature enabled you can choose the number of yahoo accounts and the number of seconds to wait before you receive a warning of disconnection.
[b]Email notification:[/b] You can receive notification of a new message.
[b]Contact list:[/b] You can add contacts to your contact list. The contact list can be ordered from the alphabet or from the date it was received.
[b] and FastConnect:[/b] The program can connect to and to the yahoo fast connect server.
[b]Configurations:[/b] You can save some configurations and reset them whenever you want.
[b]Multi-user:[/b] With this feature enabled you can create, delete and rename yahoo accounts.
[b]Automatic server update:[/b] It is recommended to update your server every now and then.
[b]Report bugs:[/b] Any bug found by you can be reported to the programmer, which may lead to some future updates.
[b]The settings:[/b] The settings are saved on the MyFile and MyPref