This is the right software to help your friends and family to chat online for free.
With this program you can capture and save instant messengers conversations.

Batch-Browser is a free application for browsing, searching and downloading a site. Batch-Browser will save you hours of time when your site needs to be updated. Batch-Browser can save all images to your hard drive or zip them and email them. Download directly to a zip file or email using ftp.

BitTorrent-Frontend allows you to browse, search and download torrents using the BitTorrent protocol. This is the first version of the BitTorrent-Frontend, developed to the BtGo client. The BtGo client is a bit torrent client that works on windows, without the need of third party programs.

You can use btdownloadgui to search, view, and download torrent files and magnet links. It also can download them to a specified folder. You can view search results as you download and it will automatically resume downloads. You can also search manually by using a textbox.

BittorrentDownloader is a simple GUI application which can automatically search for and download torrent files. It is also capable of searching for magnet links and directories. It features high-performance and compatibility with large files and large file systems.

BittorrentGUI is a simple GUI application which can search for, download and play magnet links and torrent files. It is also capable of searching for torrent directories and performing a complete directory scan. It is fully compatible with the BTGO client.

The BitTorrent Seeder GUI is a free, open source app for Windows that allows you to monitor and control the BitTorrent download process. With the BitTorrent Seeder you can monitor the size of each file during the download and the speed of the download at each client. You can view and download torrents, manage magnet links and configure the usage of the clients.

Hexium is a bandwidth limiter and sniffer designed to be easy to use and configure. Hexium can be easily integrated into your firewall, so that all your network traffic passes through Hexium. It can also be used as a standalone application.

kfrost is a high-performance command line client for the Frostwire (.torrent) file sharing network. It supports all capabilities that Frostwire does, plus is lightning fast. For your convenience, there is also a graphical interface, kfrost-gui. 70238732e0

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KEYMACRO is a secure password based application used to decrypt messages and to send messages which are impossible to decipher by using a given password. The simple and intuitive app allows you to save your desired passphrase to a TXT file, which you can later give to someone else in order to be able to decipher a message.


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Secure Messenger for Business

Atlas Quantum Network Technology, a company known for its groundbreaking and disruptive technologies, is introducing its new messenger, Cipher, to the business community. Cipher delivers the latest security innovations, enabling businesses to communicate securely across private, public, and hybrid networks.

Cipher delivers instant message notifications, cross-platform notifications, and encrypted files on the demand of the user. Users can personalize the level of security they want to use when receiving messages. Businesses can choose to not have messages encrypted, for example, if they are not concerned with the data in the message.

Atlas Quantum Network Technology is a company whose mission is to provide the industry with innovative products, which support, enhance, and create revolutionary ways of using the cloud and network technologies to solve business problems. The company developed the first commercially available quantum computer in the world. It has filed patents for its technology.

“The new messaging app will help enable safe and secure communication between businesses and consumers,” said Atlas Quantum Network Technology Chief Executive Officer Jim Kriesel. “This brings to market the latest innovations from Atlas Quantum Network Technology, providing a useful and innovative service to businesses around the world.”

A key feature of Cipher is an encrypted email feature, which allows businesses to send and receive encrypted messages to the end users. Businesses can also personalize the encryption type for every message received, meaning they can encrypt everything, or only some types of messages. The application works on top of all existing software and services and doesn’t require an additional subscription for the business.

“As businesses adopt the Cloud and enable end-users to work from anywhere in the world, Cipher will be a key tool in helping them communicate safely with customers, partners, and each other,” said Chris Wysopal, founder of VeraCrypt.

Cipher is not limited to businesses, but can be used by anyone. Users can send and receive messages to and from any device, including mobile phones and computers. Cipher is a safe and secure application, which encrypts and decrypts data stored on the user’